New Living Courts Heerstraße
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Colorful courtyards, magnificent old trees, penthouses with Taunus mountain vista and raising flowers in the own garden? The inhabitants of a housing estate from 1962 would not have imagined a refurbishment that beautiful.
The 3-storey existing structures were renovated energetically and technically and were given new, bigger balconies.
In addition the estate was re-densified: On top of the existing structures new penthouses were errected in innovative steel lightweight construction. New 3-storey buildings with residential and shop units buffer the green courtyards from the intense traffic of the Heerstraße. By choosing lively and harmonic colors and integrating 90% of the valuable old trees, the former grey living-machines turned into comfortable living courtyards.
Already soon after 80% of the former tenants bought their apartments.
Theproject was designed for TSB Ingenieure in Darmstadt.

01. December 2003, Frankfurt, Germany
plot 10,000 m², GFS 7,200 m², 3,000,000 €

New balconies in the park-like courtyards