Super Mixed Use
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An entire vertical city! The 150 m high-rise and mixed-use building can be exemplary for sustainable urban structures.

By combining an office tower, a residential tower and a shopping- and leisure-mall it avoids the usual problem of urban monofunction.
In close dialog with the mountain topography of Chongqing the building form defines lively urban spaces at its base.
To make it a living vertical city throughout we provide public space all over the building, fostering functional synergies and social interaction:
Like two folded hands the office and the residential tower are woven into each other, inbetween forming public terraces with magnificent view on Chongqing city and the Jialing river.

This project was designed by Christian Hennecke in Cui Kai Design Studio, CADRG, Beijing.  

01. October 2007, Chongqing, China
GFS 150,000 m²

night view