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What will happen to the waste Raiffeisen Silo at the Luitpold-Habor? As an alternative to demolition plans our conceptual study explores the conversion potential of the building and area.

Featuring leisure, culture, sport, restaurant und business facilities the new mixed-use Silo can play an important role in the development of the Luitpold-Harbor into and „integrated urban“ location, which sustainably combines work, leisure and living an creates a characteristic new place for people from Ludwigshafen and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Area.
The design inherits the elegant industrial aesthetics of the old Silo and adds simple modern structures to define a clear exterior space. Special attention is paid to the synergies between the new Silo and the urban space of the Luitpold-Harbor and to the compatibility with the neighboring Park-Island residential area.

01. November 2008, Ludwigshafen, Germany
GFS 23,000 m²

The SILO at the Luitpold-Harbor promenade