Dryland Megacity Development
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CULTUREBRIDGE ARCHITECTS developed prototypes of sustainable urban modules for the city of Urumqi, located on the edge of Gobi Desert in northwest China.
Essential for sustainable architecture in Central Asia is an intelligent adaption to the regional climate. We also worked towards a good urban integration, in order to create a sustainable and liveable urban space. 

For finding siutable typologies and technological concepts we analyzed examples of traditional and modern architecture in Central Asia and climatically comparable regions.
To show the big potential of sustainable architecture in different building typologies, prototypes for various building scales, uses and city areas have been developed.

CULTUREBRIDGE ARCHITECTS elaborated this study within the research and development program URUMQI DRYLAND MEGACITY DEVELPMENT by IFEU Institute Heidelberg, which is sponsored by German BMBF. The study was presented within a workshop im April 2009 in Urumqi.

January 2009, Urumqi, China
GFS 70,000 m²

Vertical urban space