Urban Design

Urban space and landscape are public matters.
For the design of large-scale spaces it is important to early develop superior ideas, before partial interest restrict the scope of potential solutions. Thus conflicts can be avoided and synergies generated.

CULTUREBRIDGE ARCHITECTS develops concepts for new urban developments and for conversion of brownfield areas.

We design and develop:

  • Residential areas
  • Industrial and commercial zones
  • Parks
  • Shopping streets
  • Public squares
  • Landscape concepts
  • Conversion of brownfield industrial site
  • Site optimization and redesification
  • Conversion of shore and harbor areas
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Upgrading of problematic neighborhoods

Depending on your needs we offer our assistance in various phases:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Development of guidelines
  • Feasibility studies
  • Image and marketing concepts
  • Zoning and master plans
  • Design statutes