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Fitness und Leisure on the Rhine riverbanks!

Our urban design proposal RHEINCHANCE LU from 2003 for a leisure shore at the waste Zollhof-harbor could attract the attention of investors. But the first design proposed by a Fitness-Enterprise would have cut the city center off the Rhine riverbanks.

Asked by the local newspaper RHEINPFALZ we developed an alternative design, integrating the fitnesscenter into the conception of an widely accessible river promenade. By converting existing harbor buildings and adding new structures we formed multifold indoor and outdoor spaces, not only for fitness, but also for restaurants, cafes, leisure, sport, office, medical practices, lofts e.g.
This design corresponds to the target to create an integrated urban space for all civic user groops along the Rhine riverbank.

01. January 2005, Ludwigshafen, Germany