The courtyard house of Iran
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On the background of the culture and history of Persia, for milleniums melting point between orient and occident, the traditional Iranian courtyard house evolved into a remarkable typology of urban architecture.
It is characterized both by its aesthetical clarity and its functionality, by its applicability to various uses and its perfect adaptation to the continental climate in Central Asia.

Today it is hardly known, that the architecture and urban design of Persia was an important model also to European building history.
Seen from the architects angle Anja Honigmann analyzed the manifold aspects of the Iranian courtyard house, which she experienced an studied during a journey to Iran in 2003. "The Iranian Courtyard House" is published as a chapter in "The Courtyard House Typology", edited by Prof. G√ľnter Pfeifer.

01. June 2008, Isfahan, Iran

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