House and Courtyard
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From cowhouse to modern residence

On a lot of only 375 m² an ample coutyard life develops. Since the former cowhouse was errected on the northern border in the 1950ies, the future residential building can entirely be opened towards the courtyard in the south. On the ground floor a kitchen, dining- and living area directly merge with the court. First floor houses three bedrooms and a large bath room.
The clear, maybe "classical" appearance and lasting materials create a high living comfort along with daily-use suitability. The design disclaims fashionable experiments, but reacts obviously on the given place.
Even thgough it is not to be flaunted, behind the timeless elegance is a modern low-energy building. 

01. June 2010, Grunstadt, Germany
plot 375 m², GFS 160 m²

before reconstruction