School for Architecture and Technology
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A Cathedral of Industrial Culture!

The Düsseldorf industrial harbor is increasingly turning into a location for modern service industry, media and design.
The monumental old brickwork and concrete structures of the waste Plange Mill with magnificent view over wide water surfaces appears right as location for a new School of Architecture and Technology.

The design creates an environment of contrasty aesthetic impressions for the future students: vertical and horizontal, narrow and wide, bright and dark, hot and cool, open and enclosed. Old and New blend into a harmonic whole, centered around a mutual courtyard.

The master thesis design of Anja Honigmann was awarded with the Otto-Bartning-Price for Architectrure and Fine Arts 2004.

01. July 2004, Düsseldorf, Germany
plot 4,000 m², GFS 8,000 m²

The waste mill and silo building